Reel to Reel Vertical Continuous Copper Plating Equipment (RVCP)

This machine is applied for process of panel plating, pattern plating and selective plating on double sides of FPC. It’s designed conveyance of reel to reel and vertical, whole reel of panel with panel thickness 0.024mm will be rolled up and off smoothly during production.
Products application:
3C products (MP antenna PCB, battery PCB, TV, AR and VR, etc)
  • Panel size: Entry depth 250 mm (standard);
                         Entry depth 500 mm (option)
  • Board thickness: 0.024 mm (min.)~ 0.06 mm (max.)
  • Line speed: 0.4 ~ 2.5 m/min (Adjustable)
  • Plating window: 250 (500) x 6000 (mm)/Chamber
  • Current density: 60 ASF (max.)
  • Anode: Insoluble anode (Ti mesh with IrO2 coating)
  • Cathode: Vertical circulation conveyance clamp system