Standard Vertical Continuous Copper Plating Equipment (Double type) (SVCP-DT)

It’s suitable for PCB of panel plating. Double track design will increase double capacity more than SVCP but engage less floor space. This machine can run with two tacks under the condition of same chemical condition. It can be applied with no auxiliary frame and jig for running board thickness 0.134 to 2.0 mm during production. It gets remarkable performance for throwing power of high aspect ratio for through hole, blind via and via filling plating.
Products application:
Class A:
Auto load/unload with insoluble anode
Panel plating on MB PCB, automotive board, HDI through/blind/via filling.
Class B:
Auto load/unload with soluble anode
Panel plating on MB PCB, automotive board, HDI through/blind via plating.
Class C:
Manual load/unload with soluble anode
Flexible panel with frame for through/blind via plating.
  • Panel size:  24” x 24” (Max.); 16” x 14” (Min.) (Standard)
                        32” x 24” (Max.); 24”x 14” (Min.) (Option)
  • Board thickness: 0.134~ 2.0 mm (Max.)
  • Line speed: 0.4 ~ 1.5 m/min (adjustable)
  • Plating window: 610(810) x 5280 mm/Chamber
  • Current density: 30ASF (Max.) with soluble anode
                               40ASF (Max.) with insoluble anode
  • Anode: Soluble copper ball in Ti basket or
  • Insoluble anode (Ti mesh with IrO2 coating)
  • Cathode: Vertical clamping system